Living x Design (Living by Design) is a blog about design nothings and everything.  The blog subjects span from little home and garden design projects, interiors styling ideas to glimpses of happenings in the life of blogger/architect Carolyn Van Lang from the Bay Area, California.

Contact telephone: 510-207-4186

Email Carolyn at Cvlarch@aol.com

See Carolyn’s portfolio at cvanlang.deviantart.com/gallery

Read clients’ reviews of Carolyn’s work.

See Carolyn’s Google Post at https://plus.google.com/u/0/104121890390853091137/posts

Honors and Awards

Piedmont CSL House Tours: Huynh Residence (1998), Childs Residence (2003), Schane Residence & McCalmont Residence (2004), King Residence (2006), 2 Westminster Drive (2010).

Lafayette Kitchen Tour: Mes Residence (2006).

Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association Preservation Awards: 2005 for the McCanne Residence, 2003 for the Rutenberg Residence, 2009 Commendation for Oliai Residence, 2015 for the Dupee Residence, 2015 for the Billings Residence.

Piedmont City Design Award: 2008 Best Landscape for the Sivollella Residence, 2006 Best Outdoor Space for the Gerhardy Residence, 2003 Best Comprehensive Architectural Remodel for the Schane Residence, 2012 Best Second Story Addition for the Machle Residence.

Mayor of Orinda Award for Architecture Excellence 2009: Bailey Residence.

North East Region Finalist in the Wool Bureau National Textile Design Contest, 1982.

Milliken Textile Design Contest- Award of Merit, 1982.


Living x Design Blog – https://livingxdesign.wordpress.com/ -Author

San Francisco Chronicle, Home and Garden Section, February 21, 2010 – Bailey Residence.

Better Homes and Garden – Bath Makeovers, Spring 2008 and Dream Baths 2007 – Donato Residence.

Remodeling Ideas Magazine, August/September 2005 – Biren and Beal Residence.

San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle March 12, 1995 – 1940 on Taraval.

Sunset Magazine- September 1991 and January 1993 – Huynh Residence.

8 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Jack, my chair is a simple adjustable drafting chair. I like my drafting table high. Thank you for your comment. I am a blog newbie so every comment makes my day.

  1. Hello Thu-Phuong ~
    Congrats on your new website. Look forward to seeing more exciting ideas and news.
    Hope we can get together one day soon.

  2. Is the watercolor painting next to your logo part of a larger painting or was it designed for your logo?

    It is interesting: what does it represent?

    I have to agree: your mailbox is very cool.

    Good luck with your blog!

    • The water color painting is in its entirety next to the logo. I drew branches and a large leaf and tried to make them look a little more abstract. It’s really the composition that I went after, something linear to go with the square logo. Thank you for your kind comments.

  3. Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks for your comment on my Pin it Forward post yesterday! I would like to think I am a pretty laid back fun gal!

    I love your blog! Funny thing, as I noted yesterday, we are moving… to San Francisco! I am so excited to discover the art/ design scene and chronicle my journey! Your lovely blog makes me excited to decorate our new place!

    Leisha 🙂

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