Cake Repertoire

All through the years, I made cakes. I realize I can’t remember the cakes that I used to make. I find it useful to be reminded of some of the cakes I enjoyed making and savoring. So here are some of them….IMG_4051.JPGSponge cake with caramelized pear, salted caramel cream and rose buttercream

093Mont Blanc

IMG_2535Pave Royal

IMG_2308Tarte au Fromage

IMG_3521Mont Blanc

IMG_3559Pandan Cake



IMG_3566.JPGLychee and Coconut Gel Cake with Lychee Buttercream

IMG_3599Baked Cream Pie with Roasted Peaches

IMG_3130Onion Financiers

IMG_2104Black Sesame Charlotte

IMG_2044Raspberries Charlotte

IMG_2008Bread Pudding

IMG_0741.JPGLychee Panna Cotta

IMG_0639Green Tea Souffle

IMG_0312Salted Caramel Magic Cake

IMG_0309.JPGTarte au Fromage

IMG_0283Fruit Tart

IMG_0134Peach Tart

IMG_0130Pear Tart

IMG_0026Mandarin Orange Tart


So many recipes to try out, so little time, too many calories…







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