Fence Minding

Fences are usually the final touch one puts at the end of the project, when the contractor has done his last heavy hauling and when it’s time to close the house in and start enjoying it. By this time in the project, we are tired. Our brain has stopped wanting to make yet another design decision. I am gathering a list of favorite fence designs to make this process easier and here come the fences…

Modern fences come in simpler designs. If they are wood, they tend to be horizontal slats.

5f92677ad4429e759c78d68a31a5aba4 a7dde8bc9419735b6361eb601506ebe5 87de51d9a53689fded065c1bfa6fd46e 6ac39377b9ddc1390ca83718296c3126 818d5f2fe063f05ba70ec75f6ceeb8c4

For more organic looks, twigs and grape stakes are used.

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Arts and Crafts and traditional homes mostly have wood fences. They are easiest and fastest to build.

d22ffefcab3be1cc6c393bdfc7867056 a8f92c8485b09b1ac632c07d9fa60c87 9872950c7a3c878c24e226149fd2d168 c3e8a5fb9c995d4412f4dd343ac4d31b Wrought iron fences for formal houses, horizontal metal slats and screens for more modern houses. The old cast iron fences can rarely be found nowadays. 23ab91ddc61e15bfa8450f0192f82ffd 38e189f1f3c2f91c153b3df26d78491f 7a57e389a18cf62b9f644fe744937db2 8a1cbf3eadb0c91d8bb49c9bbfb114e8 1c4661836a18fcc0b1671d2720b36102 ba41a44ca20dfbdd5e065d7c721740d5 76459eb8f62e9715a029c9abf916d77e

Brick walls. Exercises in pattern are de rigueur for stately homes.

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Stone fences for a more substantial look. Stacked ledge stones, ruble stones, ashlar, cobblestones…

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Solid fences for more privacy- They can be stucco over concrete or cast concrete.

ab584ac68bc5697b99aeebd256886b07 4ce589d7940f1a98eb9c8cb6a4c4831c e31ceab03ff888e09d91629a41453b60

Plastic and translucent fences

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Green fences db7abdfb34a04cd6f46c02e0703b20b9 38ed44f26a4a02cecaaf0384a9ac9c50

Artsy fences for personal statements.

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A wall to showcase bonsais.


A meandering fence along a row of trees.


A stone wall  promising wonders beyond its gate.


Better and bluer things on the other side of the fence. a9be8de41e8f084871f1f8bb50bf05b2

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