Pooling for a Swim

Pools make the best statement for a property.  Pools command views and set the mood for one’s backyard.  Does one go simple in the traditional rectangular shape for pools? Does one take on the natural shapes of ponds? So many options- to make the strong statement or to let nature take over and blend the pool in its garden surround.

For such an important decision, designing pools is a serious business. First and foremost, the shape of the pool has to be decided. Rectangular Pools – My favorite shape because of its simplicity. The promising freshness of the pool water is best contained in the simplest shape.

Organic shaped pools – When the edge of the pool is not well defined, the pool lends itself well to an organic shape. These shapes, sometimes quite random in its configuration, blends into the natural forms of their surrounding borders.

Curved edge pools.  They add interests but are not great for swimming laps…

A pool with a view – a fail safe solution. It enhances the view and it bridges the house with the view beyond by bringing the view closer in the pool’s reflection.

Pool within walls –  When a little privacy is needed or when the view beyond is not that worthwhile, walls with texture would define the pool enclosure and create its own world.

Lap pools – In their elegant elongated forms, they speak of leisurely pace and lazy languor. They stretch…

Edges of Pools – Some pools benefit from a well defined, thick slab edge.  Some want to mimic a beach approach or a rocky pebbly shore.

Some pools like to be surrounded by ruins. Mystery pools can be quite enchanting.

Glass pool edges can be quite scary.

Waterfalls feeding water into a pool.  Combining ponds and pools – Great when higher grounds abut the pool.

Geometric walkways and edges.

Ponds – When we just want an excuse to have a water feature in our yard and swimming is not necessary.

When to have an infinity edge? when there is a view and a drop.

Pool styling per house style- Traditional homes are best served with rectangular pools.

Pools in Greek towns can be just about any shape. We don’t care, just get us there.

Pools for modern homes. As long as the edges are sharp…

And one shall always endeavor to make one’s pool as dreamy as possible…

The moor’s last “sight”…

The borderless pool…

Too cool a pool…

Camping is not quite that rough when you have this:

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