Halloween Eye Candies

Hallloween treats for those who have to curb their sugar intake like me tend to be feasts for the eyes only.  I scoured the internet for the most creative plays on the theme.  We, the “grown ups”,  have our own delights in the fun of coming up with ghoulish, freakish, devilish but goodish edibles.

Here are my kind of treats.

Speaking of eye candies…

These ones give me the frights.

Finger food…

Mummies from Mommies…

Unwrap me…

Dappling in apples….

Bite me…

Itching for witchings…

Hats off!

Mulling over skulls…

Webbing from Charlotte…

A host of ghosts or is it the ghost of the host?

Smashing ghosts.

Don’ t forget to invite a few of our favorite characters…

Can a grin be any wider?



When in doubt, resort to packaging…

Go for pumkins with characters or are they cataracts?

Containers and cutouts.

Blackened food.

Rustic in black.

Candles go a long way.

Eeries in blues.

Basic Jack.

Sometimes, the thing to do is to invite yourself to a tete a tete with Miss Havisham…

Happy Halloween!  Cook up a hoot of a time!

Photo sources: click on images.

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