Cake Architecture

Just because it’s been a while since I’ve come across “June  Wedding” in my vocabulary, it doesn’t mean June cakes never make an appearance in my infallibly constant rush for sugary confections.

Cake design goes by the some of the same concepts we see in interiors and architecture. It’s quite tantalizing to see how beautiful a cake can be given its restraints in having to rely on tier construction, not having a limitless array of shapes to play with and accepting that cake ornaments are made from a handful of methods only.  The motifs for cakes are however endless. They could be floral, geometrical or take on shapes of various objects such as hats, teacups, boxes and anything that is appropriate to the occasion for which one needs a cake.

I intend this post to be just eye candy and with very little analysis. So here are some of the most amazing cakes…

Hat cake.

Chocolate curl cake.

Lattice cakes.

Ombre’ cakes.

Charlotte cakes.

Striped cakes.

Harlequin cakes

Ribbon cakes.

Filigree cakes.

Of course, the obligatory floral cakes.

Branch cakes.

Ruffle cakes.

Gift box cakes.

Mini cakes.

Any cake worth its sugar should be properly presented by being on a cake table or by having a nice backdrop for it.

A nice cake stand doesn’t hurt.

There is that one of a kind dresser used for cake table.

There is the formal cake table

The rustic cake tables

The family of cakes table.

When combined with dessert, the cake/dessert table offers a chance for beautiful compositions.

My favorite cake/dessert table in a rustic setting.

And last but not least, the kind of no calorie cake table that lasts forever.  I wouldn’t even mind if it goes into my bedroom…

Photo sources: clink on images for links to sources.

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