La Vie en Pink

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  “Think Pink”, I said to myself.  I remember the days my kids would have 20 some Valentine’s Day cards to make for their classmates.  We would busy ourselves gluing chocolate kisses to the cards, choosing pink  cards for girls, red for boys etc…  Now, for Valentine’s Day, I think I’d graduate to more sophisticated images to surround myself with even though I’d still be stuck with the color Pink.  Red somehow is not as ephemeral as pink for such a light hearted day (pardon the pun).

For this celebration, I am going to just bombard my readers with all shades and shapes of pink.  You can derive from them the meaning of love, life, and beauty as you wish.

 My favorite flower: peonies – complicated, nuanced, and multifaceted. One never catches two flowers with the same exact shape – like snow flakes.

Food – So important. Souffles have to be my favorite type of dessert. Light, subtle and delicate. I should try this raspberry souffle for my Valentine’s Day meal.

Having a nice Chanel dress in dusty pink wouldn’t hurt.

Drop a peachy pink couch in the living room – how else to make a big statement?

Well, a stronger statement would be this pink for cabinets in the kitchen. Kudos to the owner of this kitchen.

For someone as timid as me, I would gather all the pink flowers I could get my hands on and arrange them in a pink Chinoiserie vase and call it my tribute to Valentine’s Day.

When all else fails, I’d get lost in dreamy photos of pink wishes…

Pink spring.

and glimpses of a pink day to come.

Photos via: Bloom Magazine,,,, Sunset Magazine, Veranda Magazine,,,

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