This Old House’s Bath

I had this great opportunity to design for a bath remodel in a  John Hudson Thomas house.  This house had been well kept with all of the original details in the living room, dining room and stair well intact. The problem lied in that the master bath was a Jack and Jill bath with an awkward layout.  The best move it seemed was to close up one door to allow the bath to be accessible to the master bedroom only. That in turn gave me the chance to rearrange the tub, shower, vanity and toilet and create a better layout, make the room feel larger and give the house the master bath that it deserves.

One of the best space saving tricks I use is to combine the shower space with the entry point to the tub. This way, one can exit the tub onto the shower floor giving oneself room to dry off or to rinse off in the shower. A happy ending for two scenarios.

The rest dwells in the details.

The shower wall is clad with large 18×18 Calacata Oro. I arranged the tiles in a pattern that gives the wall more interest. The shower is curbless to make the transition from bath to shower smoother.  A channel drain is discreetly tucked at the foot of the wall allowing a linear floor pattern sloping in one direction only.

I came up with the shower floor pattern by having the 18×18 tiles cut into smaller pieces to give the floor better slip resistance.

The shower seat opposite the tub gets a soap niche above.  A nice accent pattern continues around the vanity backsplash and along the shower wall.

The room also gets sun tunnels to borrow sunlight from above the attic and channel it down to the room. A laylight hides the not so attractive round sun tunnel lens covers.

A low wall shields the toilet from being viewed when the door is open. The vanity is set against the long wall. A small master bath – 8′-4″ x 11 ft – but very functional indeed!

2 thoughts on “This Old House’s Bath

  1. Beautiful bathroom! I like your bathtub and shower combination trick. The bath room feels so big and airy. It looks someone has put a lot of thoughts into the tile layout as well 🙂 Job well done!


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