Dream Haven

At the end of a long day, the last item that greets us with warmth, comfort and softness is our bed. This is where our tired souls get replenished and we re-gain physical nourishment for the next day.  This is the one household item that is most familiar with our body and in turn, we trust that it is always there ready for us to spill ourselves and giving up our weight to its smooth flat plane of foam, spring and a mixture of firmness and giving.

Beds are personal. They are the confidant on which we lay out our dreams, dispense our worries and formulate our wishes.  Because they are on such intimate terms with our daily thoughts, beds are obvious clues to our personality, likings and preferences.

Some beds are set in very simple settings as if when we kept it simple and uncluttered, we would wake up the next day with our thoughts unburdened, uncomplicated and full of clarity.

Some beds take on moods inundated with accents of our favorite color. When one has a strong favorite color, one can’t have enough of it.

Curiously, a pattern that keeps on recurring for bed walls is that of a tree. It’s the allure of being protected – the thought of sleeping under a large tree, shielding us from harsh inclement weather, is always comforting.

I like beds that are next to windows.  I delight in having the morning sun waking me up as much as having a glimpse of the waxing moon before I doze off.

I gravitate toward blue bedrooms.  Blue relaxes me and calms me down.  Dark blue can be quite attractive and lends itself well to bed dwellers who fear being woken up too early by the impatient morning light.

The emphasis on sleeping and the promise of a gratifying deep sleep are ever more expressed when a bed is placed on a diagonal in the room.  Its presence by so boldly claiming its territory is the ultimate invitation to settle in and “perchance to dream”.

Some people just want to slip in to the most luxurious settings for their bed.  After all, sleep is a luxury that is most important in our strive to keep our mind and body well balanced.

One of the safest bets is to opt for soft colors to soothe the mind and unwind the soul.

And then, who can resist a bed in a lofty room where beyond the tall window, “second to the right and straight on till morning”, our dreams await?


Photos via: Remodelista, Roxxn, Homes and Gardens, Ohdeedoh.com, Decor8blog, Elle Decor, Desiretoinspire, Trouvais, Mary McDonald, Marie Claire Maison.

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