How Pink is my Valentine?

From time to time, I tackle the use of one specific color.  The color that baffles me the most is pink.  I don’t often have requests for pink in my interiors.  I look into other designers’ use of pink and am floored by how cleverly pink is used in most elegant ways- perhaps a card short in my book of tricks.  Here is my tribute to Pink on Valentine’s Day.

Pink can be found in many nurseries since that ‘s the most obvious color to use for newborn baby girls.  It’s all about sweetness, softness and innocence.   We find some rooms that use  pink sparingly, and some that love pink with abandon.

And, we find that pink baths are easy to swing for as a color on the wall. Paint is ephemeral.  It lasts as long as we like it.  It’s the easiest thing to change in a room.

There are lots of examples where pink is used timidly – touches of pink scattered here and there as accents.

Pink is a great companion with grays and browns, and is loved by many other colors – beige, orange, even green sometimes.

A light pink room can play host to myriads of colors since pink is compatible with so many colors.

For die hard pink fans, one certainly can choose to use pink in bolder strokes and with more vibrancy.

The ultimate declaration of love to pink would have to be a pink kitchen!

Jonathan Berger did a  number in pink that’s fabulous – pink with black and white.

For the timid users like me, we could settle on pink table settings for an Easter lunch or romantic dinner.

Or cook up pink desserts…

When all else fails, when the pink solutions above won’t do, when I am still afraid of having too much pink in my environment, I might go for at least one of these:

A Chanel coat but without the hairdo.

A nice column dress if I have somewhere to go – again, without the hairdo, please.

Some nice bauble to write home about. Or the simplest thing that can put a smile on anyone’s face:

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