A Bath to Take Us Away

Taking a bath should mean being taken away to a far far away place.  It should be a ritual that washes away our worries, our scars and emboldens our dreams, our wishes for tranquility and our yearning for the soul to wander.  I finally met a couple who wants just that and together, we set the stage for these bath rituals.

My clients wanted a bathroom that would evoke Bali and other exotic places when they came home tired, stressed and tensed.  They wanted textures, drama and openness.  The result is a combination of tactile tiles – stones embedded floor against a background of rusty looking porcelain tiles.  The bath is sunken into the floor with a minimalist ceiling tub filler.  The shower floor slopes toward a disappearing trenched drain thus offering us a shower open to the rest of the room.

The countertop takes on a vibrant green in the form of cast concrete.  The sink is bamboo.  The doors are metal and glass to unconfine the space.  This is a room where dreams come with water splashing from 8 feet above the sunken tub and water streams through river rocks beneath our feet as we shower.  This is what baths should be if they would  serve to prepare us for the work day and wind us down to enjoy the evening.

There is something quite seductive about the silence one can enter with the promise of water soon to be splashing down onto rocks.

One thought on “A Bath to Take Us Away

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