Vanities Fair

Vanities are one of the more personal pieces of cabinet or furniture in one’s private realm.  The corner they occupy, the settings that they are in and the things that we keep on them say everything about us.

A vanity could be a dressing table, a sink cabinet or a desk and, some of us will use it for many purposes at the same time.  I have seen vanities serving for both make up and mail reading.  Some of us are so busy, it seems only natural to get dressed in the morning and check our emails at the same time.

Vanities should be alluring since they are likely to be the first to greet us in the morning and might set us up onto a bright cheery day or down into a grumpy, cranky sort of a foul mood.  I would be the first to admit how little things can send me on the wrong track in the morning – being a night owl myself, mornings routines are not quite susceptible to too many distractions – Not that it has to be one of those royal “levers” –  those hours long elaborate routines performed to get the Sun King to wake up properly so he could do his duties.  I like my morning routines to be in slow motion to give me time to set a leisurely pace before I tackle the rushes of a work day. In order to help me calm down before the maddening, spiraling and hyper-intensive work schedule takes over, I’d like my vanity where I wash, brush, cream, rouge etc… to represent the things I’d like to remain throughout the day- calm, clear, with a little wit and a touch of fun spirit.

It’s always a safe bet to start the day in a calming blue and wish for a blue skies day where one can see further and clearer.

For slow starters such as me, the simpler the better. The rustic and uncluttered look lets me start the day with a blank slate.

Some people want a little more help to wake up. A great wallpaper pattern can be so energizing.

Artful arrangement of favorite objects might be just the ticket.

Having a beautiful desk doesn’t hurt a bit.

A busy pattern gets me going and ready for a busy day. Got to love those lattice.  They add such depth to a small room.

A little glamor would do me a whole world of good. It reminds me to treat myself to more pampering than I have time to.

Antiques let me ponder on the merits of things learned from the past and lessons forgotten when history repeats itself.  Nostalgia is never a bad thing. It’s how we deal with it and move forward.

And if I had that room with that view, my day would start there only to end there. In fact, my day and night would be merge into one oblivious immersion into the beauty of the bark on the trees, the splendor of the greens, and that lengthy road that always promises to lead to happiness.

Photos via: afinidades-eletivas.blogspot, Belgian Pears, Veranda, Euroantiquemarket, Mary McDonald, La-belle-vie, Sweethomestyle, Dressdesigndecor.

One thought on “Vanities Fair

  1. Hi Carolyn,

    Reading your comments and looking at your wonderful selection of photos always give me such pleasures! Merci pour le bonheur du jour…


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