Group Snoop

People are natural collectors.  We collect things that remind us of other things or other people.  We sometimes come up with a collecting theme and make it our hobby. Collecting things can be quite an addictive habit.  But once we have things collected, what do we do with our collection?

This is where I figure we have to start grouping them because the collective presence of our objects speaks volume about our passion.  The art of grouping – without making our house look like a shop – can be overwhelming.  It’s not about gathering and keeping all objects together.  It’s about how the items are in relation to each other.

One of the most common collections found in homes is the photo collection. Sometimes a single photo brings only memories of just that instance in which the photo was taken.  A group of photos will link and weave all our emotions and glimpses of our lives together into a sum of lingering, sweet nostalgia.

Another easy collection is our every day dishes, cups and mugs. We could definitely have an open shelf to display them and at the same time, make them more accessible.

One can decide that our dishes would look great stacked in mass,  displayed sparingly against a dark minimalist background or neatly composed on a modern shelving system.

If we have a craft area or work table, the fun colors of the tools can be made into a rainbow of wares on the wall.  Sometimes, mundane work utensils can be quite convincing looking on a rack.

For those people like me who have a shoe fetish, there is a decadent feeling of excessiveness when we can see all our shoes at one glance. A simple answer could be a shoe armoire with glass doors. If that’s not enough, go for the entire closet…

Some people have gone as far as having their own personal shoe shrine.

Clothes and bath accessories lend themselves quite naturally to groupings. One just have to find clever armoires for them.

Another clever idea for a bath wall is to bombard it with objects of reflections.

What about files of our paper work? Couldn’t we hide them among other knick knacks that are more fun to look at? Filing in disguise…

Books always become a challenge when we are done with them.  Do we ever come back to our favorite books to reread a paragraph?  I once thought there was a paragraph with the phrase “dream weaver” quite elegantly written into West with the Night and ended up rereading the entire book- and that didn’t happen just once.

If I am lucky enough to possess a beautiful leather bound collection of classics, I would search the earth (more commonly known as antique shops) for a display case worthy of the books.

At the end of the day, I always come back to this attic adorned by black and white photos against a soft robin blue.  I wish I had such an attic to retreat into to let the memories conjured up by the photos take me back to different times, places and maybe the more idealistic person that once was.

Then I thought of other parts of the world, where perhaps collecting does not have quite the same meaning and purpose…

Photos via: Bolig Magazine, Jessica Svendsen Blog, Philippe Harden, Elle Interior, Youaremyfave, thehappyheathen, Bedroom Ideas, Traditional Home, Apartment Therapy, Paper Treasure, Country Living,  Architonic, Desiretoinspire, Mary McDonald,  Moberfung.wordpress.

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