Yellow Nerves

Yellow is one of the harder colors to use properly.  Is it because it is so bright that it dominates the room?  Is it because it is so blinding that it obscures everything else?  Whatever the reason, the use of yellow makes a strong statement. Its vibrancy supplements sunshine in an otherwise dark room. Its vitality wakes every nerve and sense up.  No wonder some asian countries royal families reserved the color yellow for royal members only – it’s the color closest to the sun as white is to the moon.

Yellow shows me of assertiveness- someone totally comfortable in his or her own skin.  A yellow front door can be so inviting – it’s also nice to say: ” Turn left and look for the yellow door, you can’t miss it.”

The safest way to use yellow is to mix it with greys and or to mellow the yellow down to a silky butter color.  Brave souls create rooms with unrelenting yellows and get quite energized in return.

A touch of yellow pattern makes a whole world of difference especially if it’s in the form of Chinese hand painted wallpaper.

Let’s not forget another kind of yellow, the gold standard. Gold sprinkled well is money well spent.

Yellow walls or ceilings alone can make the room.

Yellow is quite the color for nurseries. It’s quite flexible when you need to decorate the room before the gender-not-known-yet baby comes.

Yellow is so strong, it would have no problem standing up against another strong pattern.

When it doubt, throw in a yellow rug and call it my kind of a day.

Photos via: Kelly Wearstler, Designinspiration.typepad, Veranda, Habitually Chic, Axel Vervoordt, Housetohome, Atticmag, Maison21, Veranda, John Saladino, Idealhomemagazine, Holiday-rentals,,,, Designinspiration.typepad, Jonathan Adler,

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