The Walls Have Gears

Plain bare walls are not always the best answer to a room. A wall speaks volumes when given a treatment. I love walls that speak so loud that anything against them are mere props but it does take some courage to allow them in a space.

A shocking pink painted wall in the entry dares everyone to guess what’s up the stairs. One enters this home with great anticipation.

Chalkboard paint is the latest screech. One can be so creative and not be afraid to make a mistake!

An old plaster wall of blue projects depth beyond its thickness. It makes antiques look prehistoric.

Regular old siding, given a fresh coat of teal can really spruce up a boat camp.

Of course, any self respecting post about wall should have something about wallpaper. Some wallpaper adds to the theme while some other creates the theme all by itself.

A little self reflection is useful for some walls to give interest to the room.

A window wall does not have to rely on the windows to play dress up. The grooves and carving on an exterior wall make one forget what’s behind the window.

Carving a la Art Nouveau is not for an everyday home.  There are a few great companies that offer textured wall panels. The shadows cast on the patterns make a great conversation piece. These panels can be painted but we have seen them mostly left white for the obvious reason that they are simply beautiful in their purest shape.

Borrow the landscape beyond for decor by using a window wall. The divided lites won’t obstruct the view but rather frame it.

Masonry walls. Now that’s a heavyweight in the language of walls.

Walls are the constraints of our space but they don’t have to constrain us and our visual sense of the space. We use them to capture volume and give the space a definition. It’s up to us to paint them, texture them, give them life and shape otherwise, we might as well be in prison.

One of my favorite walls is the library by Gunnar Asplund. It has everything and it contains a most precious commodity – the records of our understanding of the world as we live in it.

Photos via: Jonathan Berger, Styles-Files, Trouvais, Poppytalk, Elle  Decor, Velvet and Linen, The Bella Life Blog, Tom Leighton, Segal House – Ukraine, Inhabit See Saw, Mrs Blandings Blogspot, Ryann Ford, Herman Mao.

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