The Meaning of Home

Like a kid landing a role in the school play, I am so honored to be part of the Pin it Forward Event where bloggers share their interest boards on Pinterest and pin it forward by introducing the next blogger’s site. Sort of a chain blogs of collected images if you will. The theme of this momentous event is “What home means to me”. It got me stuck for a moment as I have always been so busy creating home environments for other people. I have never stopped to think of what home means to me – just plain me who had to wear many hats for my jobs whether it was for a traditional arts and crafts home, an Asian contemporary retreat or a French country house. I look around my home and sieve out all things that I can live without to boil down to my most treasured. I find out they are things or concepts or memories that have personal meanings and in an ad hoc way, they all came together in no order to mean home to me.

My flowers. They remind me of the world out there and how good earth is.

My kitchen is always a mess. I need to not worry about it so I can wholeheartedly try out new recipes or concoctions. Homecooked meals give me reasons to relish the use of my home. Home is the contentment after a beautiful dinner. I love food with the ardor of a mother obsessing over her newborn. I salivate shamelessly when I come across food and babies alike.

Beautiful textiles to wrap myself with and to revel in their texture.

Asian crafts – I have a soft spot for Asian aesthetics in the everyday objects. They make me more gracious and aware of my senses in my routine cooking and eating.

I sprinkle family photos here and there. I love my black and white photos. I might have to photoshop some recent ones into black and white so they double up on nostalgia for me.

I want artworks everywhere my walls allow to the point where they start suffering from space phobia. The artworks inspire me to be freer when I am low on creativity and feel confined due to my limitations. If only I can afford my favorite artists… that’s when books come in handy.

My books, they let me travel while lying in the comfort of my bed.

My corner to the world beyond. Every home must have a corner which one retreats to and wander toward the beyondness of things.

Last but not least, I love the sound my children make. They are full of promises of a bright future. Their laughs are so pure and they still make me believe in angels.

For the past few weeks, I have been visually devouring all the blogs on the Pin It Forward schedule. Victoria of sfgirlbybay and the Pinterest team have done all the hard work to conceive, manage, schedule, and kick off this fun filled event and deserve all the cheers we could send them. Please check out my pinboards and my Pin it Forward board showing the inspiring images from which I illustrated the meaning of home to me.

Many thanks to Kiki of Life Sunny Side Down for introducing my blog to her readers. I am happy to introduce the next blog on my group deviantly written by Stephanie Hillbery of Deviantly Domesticated. Check the site out, it’s has great story lines, whimsical photo shots and will inspire you to tackle any project you have only just begun to dream about.

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