Pillows Talk

Pillows do talk. They talk up a storm, they have conversations among themselves and they animate the room by their color, texture, variety of sizes and shapes. So much mood is set by the choice of pillows. Pillows are as soft as we let them be and become talkative when the morning light twinkles on them.

Some pillows set up the mood of the room by being the only colors in the room.

Some pillows throw a fit by displaying the only playful colors among subtle beiges and greys.

I love pillows combinations that speak to a theme by playing against each other, and complementing each other.

Some pillows carry the accent color further and at the same time introduce patterns to the room.

I love the rectangular pillows that nest against the large one with the shoulder to cry on. Somehow, when you throw all strong colors together, they find a way to work with each other. We humans should do the same…

Pillows with geometrical patterns speak louder than their sizes. They never fail to instill elements of fun and curiosity.

Of course, floral pillows to match the window treatment are as easy as pie and so eager to please.

Some pillows are so fancied up, one just stands in awe, afraid to sit down. Those are the one with the most care per square inch – the embroidered pillows, their beaded cousins and the emblem for excessive luxury: the Fortuny embroidered pillow which makes everything else a poor relation.

Don’t forget cute pillows for the babies, they might take on the whimsical character of the pillows they trust their dreams to.

And at the end of the day, what do we look forward to? Our bed set…

But really, never mind those fluffs, the ones for show are not our true companions. The best pillows are the ones on which we draw our best dreams and whisper wishes for love and beauty in a most tranquil life. Those pillows might yet prove to be the plainest while being the most trustworthy of confidants.

Photos credit and  more pillows: See my Pinterest Pillows Board.

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