The Absence of Night

What makes white on white so appealing? Did it start from our visions of Greek ruins? Pure white, nothing but white against the blue skies – White walls which make your eyes ache from their intensity? I suspect we all love white for its brightness, purity, simplicity and neutrality.

White also enlivens textures by showing off their shadows in a soft way so not to confuse the overall vision.

White on another shade of white instills calmness and peace while the varied shades work in harmony.

White serves a beautiful background to vivid colors and accent without adulterating the true value of the color.

White is the romantic color that represents purity, the fleeting happiness of a full day of a wedding event and snow quietly covering all traces of grime and dirt on a cityscape.

Some of us dream in black and white only. White is the antagonist to the mystic of black.

White kitchens are quite popular because white serves well as a backdrop for food.

White is the canvas from which artists start their work of passion, fierceness and abandonment.

White is that blank statement from which we display our likes and dislikes. It is the silence from which all objects voice their mark in the room. White speaks to all of us because it promises a fresh start and the absence of night.

Photos via: Veranda House, Country  Living, Nierman Weeks, Benjamin Noriega Ortiz Design, The Lennox, Home Base DesignWindsor Smith, Access Decorati, Tim Walker.

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