Uncontained Delights

What to do when the same old flower vases just won’t do? In May, my yard is in full bloom. I have more flowers than I know what to do with. It would be a shame to let them wilt on their branches. It is as if wilted flowers have so many sad connotations that I want to savor each of them before they reluctantly go into decline. We already have so many metaphors about the elusiveness of life, beauty and youth. I don’t want such negative images for my flowers at the end of their bloom. I feel I must invent new ways to keep their memories fresh until their next blooming season. If only they don’t all come at once only to all disappear at the same time. It’s all or nothing with these creatures.

First, I rummage through my kitchen and find an old Japanese Mochi cake mold and think it would serve best with a single large bloom. Then I think why not put some flowers in the refrigerator as most florists do.

I can’t help but smile when I imagine people opening up the refrigerator and see what’s roosting next to the eggs.

I invade my useless drawers. I fill them with flowers and leave them ajar.

Of course, there is always another use for that salad bowl waiting for the next party.

I won’t even leave my sewing box alone now that my eyes have declared sewing an outlawed hobby.

I tuck in a pink rose behind a gloomy wall plaque and instantly daydream about pinning a boutonniere on my love’s dark suit before a romantic soiree’.

I have so many small cups and shallow dishes that would come in handy and are feeling neglected from being under-used.

My sink, the first thing that greets me every morning with gushes of cold freshness.

And finally – after a long day at work, when you are obviously tired and that someone asks you: “Honey, what’s for dinner?”, you can always show him this…

One thought on “Uncontained Delights

  1. I learned so much about appreciation and enjoyment of flowers from your article and photos.
    I make a point of capturing their beauty forever in pictures.

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