Cool Hot Seats

Among the different pieces of furniture, chairs are the most outspoken of all. They tell tales that no other furniture can. They take on personalities that owners might adopt or wish upon themselves. They could stand on their own or decide to cooperate in a grouping in order to relay the overall vision of a room. I pay attention to chairs more than the sofas when I walk into a living room. Chairs are more versatile because they can fit snugly in tight corners. They can create a world in a corner all by themselves. The two types of chairs I love would either say to me: “Come let me embrace you in warmth and comfort”, or  whisper something like: “Come sit and feel like you are pampered in style”. My task of choosing chairs, once quite daunting, is now a breeze if I consider those two categories.

I love chairs that have an alluring back such as the Castel Lounge chair. Has anyone walked into a party and saw a woman in a backless dress and couldn’t wait for her to turn around? This is that chair that promises good conversations and lasting embraces. The Oval X Back chair whispers the same but not in such a secretive way.

Then there are chairs that would whisk you away to dreams of luxury the minute you set eyes on them. I love the Archetype chair for its instant pamper even before I throw myself on it. The tufted back, the little curl as the seat meets the arms, the gentle swoop toward the arm as the back curves around you – luxurious simplicity.

My list of chairs would go on and on. I should just let the photos tell the beholder their stories of lazy afternoons, Sunday lounges, or just the music of your choice.

Images via: Kohler Interiors, Lee Industries, Holly HuntDonghia.

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