Floral Edition

Now that Spring is officially here, I voraciously click through websites that tout gorgeous floral arrangements and enviously wish that some of those were possible with the limited types of flowers from my garden.

I finally roll my eyes and say to myself – we will have to learn from Ikebana: simple arrangements, artfully composed for maximum impact. Those small wall  mounted baskets come in handy – instant wall composition. I’d call it my five minute makeover. If only it would take so little effort for any kind of makeover on myself…

With the Ikebana mode in mind, I set about grouping flowers in shapes and color that will go well together.

If I have round buds, I would pair them with stalks and branches. If I have bunched clusters, I would pair them up with other shapes of clusters. Red flowers have a penchant toward the dramatic and they know to be best admired against whites.

Sometimes, I cheat and use dried flowers or fruits such as lemons. I get quite excited and hungry when arrangements become the more splendid because of added texture or promise of food.

I love the juxtaposition of dead and alive, dull and bright, or intense and vague – a statement about the dichotomies in life as in my own character (wait, did I profess that I can be deadly dull or vaguely bright?) All in all, contrast is good. There is also that pastoral theme where flowers are loosely arranged as if they were just picked from the field and bunched together without a care in the world.

Just when I figure contrast is a must, I think about the varied hues that some of my roses offer so I conveniently add another grouping type: variation on the same theme which turns out quite romantic looking. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a fancy teapot tugging under the rosy blooms.

I think I can’t go wrong with fresh flowers arrangements to extend the yard into the home. Quite a perk to have a sort of poor man’s flower shop at your fingertip. Now, what to do with those pesky weeds again – I could have sworn those motherless raccoons fed them their own special brand of vitamins while squabbling with each other on those moonless nights.

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