Red Ready

I am often quite timid in my use of intense colors but when it comes to certain rooms, I do like to go full speed ahead with the strongest color: Red. My favorite rooms for using red are dining rooms and powder rooms because intensity in colors is increased ten fold when wrapped in intimacy.

Red comes with connotations of vibrancy, vigor and complement food by intensifying colors in food. We think of red as the color of valentines, love. In some Asian countries, red is reserved for the color of the bride’s dress because she deserves to be engulfed in the intensity of her other half’s ultimate declaration of love. Reds are great in small rooms for the same reason- they have the tendency to embrace and surround us, leaving very little room for feeling anything beyond the room they grace. I use and re-use this wallpaper from Osborne and Little with a bright red background and gold chrysanthemums floating like the back of a geisha’s kimono. It’s the staple in my arsenal of red wallpapers.

Of course, when we can’t paint the whole room red, we can always scatter reds all around. Red accents bring sharpness to otherwise bland rooms.

If ever I need a quick pick me up, I can go hole up in my red rooms or bring reds into my other rooms. I also have long decided that Jezebel did just right by telling her dour fiance to lighten up when she wore red to the all white dresses ball.

And, when I am away from home and think I’ll miss my reds, the red scarf comes with me.

One thought on “Red Ready

  1. Hi Thu Phuong,

    I love your different themes using red colour, especially your bathroom. The three colours, brown Wenge, white milk and the brilliant red are the same colours that I will use in decorating my new flat at Cannes. Actually, I’m drawing a plan for all pieces of my condo and I’ll submit you when I finish it. Perhaps, I need your advice my dear. Other thing, you are a very good designer, you write very well your blog, so I think you may be an excellent writer for interior design with your book, I wish that, one day.

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