Ode to My Window Seat

When it rains cats and dogs, I want to curl up on my window seat, cover myself with a blanket and read. I also like to have my favorite tea (especially shipped over by my friend PO from Paris), The des Impressionistes – Mariage Freres. Tea of the Impressionists, an engaging name – though I sort of expect a hint of absinthe but instead, I get a gulp of vanilla fragrance at each sip. It was tea-PG-13. As I thumbed through the pages of my current favorite book, I find myself thanking my window seat as the most sought after piece of real estate in my house. Like all the houses for which I had designed or snuck in a window seat, mine is that more special for it.

Though I have never found any realtor’s description of a house on the market as “comfortable house with window seat”, I am convinced of the importance of having at least one window seat to be your corner from which to ponder the events of the world.

Children love window seats. They see a sofa shrunk to their size. Since it only fits one person, one feels a huge sense of ownership when one adorns the window seat. Breakfast oriented guys love a window seat. It’s akin to an indoor car seat on idle mode, ready to present the world at every turn. Moms love a window seat – a place to finish their coffee before going to the car with all the things they have to carry with them.

I love my window seat and all the window seats I have created. They let me imagine adults daydreaming on a rainy day and kids seeing that the world outside is within their reach.

One thought on “Ode to My Window Seat

  1. Best one.
    I’ve done a couple of window seats and had the chance to see the spaces lived in and can say, it seems the kids love them best of all. Nice to think you’ve helped add a corner or small dimension to the way they roll into occupying the world.

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