Small Pleasures

Did anyone notice the opening scene in Shutter Island when one minute L. DiCaprio had no wedding ring and the next he sported a shiny gold band? If you noticed it like I did, did it make your day? In a not so perverse way, it pleased me to think that someone from the wardrobe department forgot to give the actor the ring to wear because life is not so perfect. Small inconsistencies or mistakes are something fun to recognize and not criticize.

I am embarrassed to recall the sale of my very first painting when I was asked to experiment with airbrushing paint as part of a summer job. Using sprayed ink on a thin canvas. I painted a nebulous modern swath of colors, the effect of which I was quite triumphant about. My boss took it to show his clients and sold it after unintentionally showing the reverse side of the painting. The ink, as it turned out, had bled through and saturated the back of the canvas and took on another life in its own right. One can imagine how loud of a gasp I let out when I saw it being primly exhibited in the clients’ living room. I was about to fall on my knees and give a mega mea culpa confession when my boss interrupted me and said: “It is their pleasure.” He saved me from being the Bridget Jones of Architecture while, at the end of that summer, I saved him from eternal misery by rejecting his spur of the moment marriage proposal.

How many small pleasures should we intentionally interject in our lives to give them more beauty than our eyes, narrowed down by burdens, obligations and responsibilities, can discern?

What if we make it a mission to occasionally add small pleasures by design to spice things up? This could be a weekend interior design project, the act of buying a single peony to adorn a little corner of the bathroom or a well cooked meal served on our heirloom dishes.

This blog would record my meager attempt to “design up” my everyday living and log in the ensuing small pleasures – successful or not. They would be the “petits soins” (little caring gestures) that we award ourselves for just being.

4 thoughts on “Small Pleasures

  1. I like the parable about recognizing the accidental treasures, found art etc., and brightening your life with them. Cool.

  2. I remember the days – younger days,
    most of what you drew were Tiggers,
    and i like them all.
    Now you draw all sorts and do other sorts.
    how come are you sad and melancholy?

  3. eh TPhuong,
    Hi, hi, hi, i think i like that you have lotsa time on your hand now. I got to see the things you create, mull about, do. More, more, more – please.
    ( art – something unique to the person observed and able to share it with the rest. Those folks are called artists. The rest of us enjoy their labor .)

  4. Hey TP! This is great !- the writing is smooth and holds one’s attention. It’s funny, I think I remember the painting thing! Didn’t know you had to fight off a proposal though- hahahah!

    Small pleasures are the best……

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